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Our freebies are compiled from a variety of source, are protected under copy rigth laws, and are for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY! We hope you enjoy our kits, cards and other downloads. We create them for you and as always hope to put a smile on your face.  However, we do ask that you PLEASE respect the terms and conditions that have been included with our downloads … and by downloading any of our products, you are agreeing to our terms. By respecting our terms of use you will make it possible for us to continue providing you with more fabulous freebies.

These downloads are for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY! This means that you may use items downloaded from our site to create cards, gifts and scrapbook page for yourself or to send to  friends and family.

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If you are a business you may use our products to create cards to send to employees and customer if you provide credit to the site https://digitalcardfun.com.

Our items may also be used for your own website or blog design as long as a link and copyright information for https://digitalcardfun.com is included on every page containing our graphics.

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